The Peace in Life’s Puzzle

An emptiness that’s full. My face void of emotion yet enriched with life. A quiet mind amongst deafening awareness. Eyes closed but seeing. Body contoured to the world, yet mind non-conforming to the chaos. It is in moments of resolute peace that I am complete yet uninhabited. Bare yet sheltered. Senseless, yet stimulated.

In it’s wake, my existence is afloat with limitless expansion. An acute resolution for opportunities I was blind to. Do we all get these moment of serenity? Is peace imparted by chance or is it as innate as our beating heart?  It is new to me. Therefore I suppose we are not all so lucky.

Never have I before been open to its domination. A slave to the feeling of completion. Maybe I was never complete. When you return, I will be ready. Until then, peace out.

Image by Orzz
Image by Orzz

6 thoughts on “The Peace in Life’s Puzzle

      1. I’m sorry for the times I don’t comment on your work. As I blogger too I know how important it is to get feedback.. ANY feedback because that’s the only way we really know that people are listening and whether or not they like what they hear. I sometimes pick up your blogs when I’m at work or in passing as I’m waiting and have two minutes to flick through but I hope you continue doing them for a long time. You write well and your poetic style is tight yest easy to read.

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