Pictures and Thoughts

creation not circulationHope is in each hour

On a daily basis I halt on my merry or not so merry way to snap a photo.  I am by no means a photographer, yet I enjoy clicking moments so my memory doesn’t have to work too hard when I have more wrinkles than cents.  The wonders o
f technology allow me to snap a semi decent photo with just enough pixels to warrant a pleasingly artistic image if the light plays friend. Street art, faces, sunsets, scenery, concrete
and iconic landmarks make up my pocket-sized photo album. Words also have a habit immobilizing my feet. My back pack gets thrown to ground for a note pad to scribble down some smattering of earth shattering words which relevance to life or absurdity.  Short, meaningful, indispensable thoughts that bring a smile, tear or cackle.  Combine the two mediums and you see a sneak peek into my soul.


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