Beauty and the Beast

She sings because she’s happy, tunes tapping her resolve

Her melodies are methods for melancholy to dissolve

A hum celebrating joy, as it emerges from within

Its lullaby cast crescents arcing in her grin

Tears are not from sadness, but a product of her state

Inner piece now dripping in a droplet down her face

Her prancing feet are to the beat of happiness’s drum

Tapping to a tune that is cheerfulness’s sum

Yet, suddenly this tapping skips from its even pace

The rhapsody is remedied from its joyful race

Inoculations seem to be the product of a man

Foreboding upturned lips through the raising of a hand

Suspension with intension to strike this damsel down

Beast puppeteer’s beauties lips into a trembled frown

Positioned as if waving, to an absent passer by

This hand produces droplets now fearful from the eye

The beast embodies father, brother and soul mate

Momentarily, this limb suspends with fury fueling traits

Yesterday, tender strokes where doused upon this dame

Today a hand will strike, ensuing charred remains

The aftermath a shaking beauty-clutching that which burns

The imprint of a hand, signifies a man who churns

Who stews, who brews, from daily dues, adding whisky to the pot

The beast is brought to broil, then lights the coil with molten shots

Broth abruptly spilling over dousing dame with fear

The stirring beast, spoils the feast with flames that dually sear

A victim lies in turmoil residing in tempered stewDV race relig

Simmering in suffrage with nothing she can do

A perpetuating cycle fueled by the absentee of hope

Beasts palpable remorse tightens wrists cuffing rope

The throwing blows like paper cuts, not grave but ever burning

Dames Pain remains when aesthetics aren’t concerning

A leash that wont relinquish without external aid

The marking scorched in skin purely fuels the flower trade

With each fume the beauty hones her skills to mask the former night

Denial put this file in chest marked “own fathers plight”

The maiming shame now stowed in heart and padlocked draws

Sympathy imparts submission to the pleading on all fours

What will strip these shackles fortified by beastly mourning?

Is it the bruised reflections, that beauties now adorning?

Is it the voice of reason that comes to her at night?

Is it the next-door neighbor who overheard the fight?

Beasts pitied pleads yield cuffing leads which paralyze this wife

That noose not lose as braiding burns when beauty takes her life


20 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. mrsmariposa2014

    Haunting and hauntingly familiar. I praise a God that pulled me from the wreckage of abuse and pray to One who can heal others like me.


    1. I’m glad to hear you are out of the situational devastation. This piece is to raise awareness, for people to start talking, so that it is not an unmentionable for bystanders. Thank you for the comment.


  2. It has to be said. It needs to stop. It doesn’t though. So, it needs to be said again… until it reaches the victims and empowers them. Until it reaches the friends and sets a spark that lights a chain that helps the victim or breaks the cycle of the beasts. Until the cycle stops its spread to generation after generation. Until these victims have peace, not from a rope but from safety inside new beginnings of respect and calm. Let this not be naivety.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment. My hope is that the bystanders, abusers and the abused stumble upon my blog. If just one persons pain can be lessened by my words it will be worth every syllable. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment so thoughtfully. This stage holds the worded fight to end the fight.


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