Trending Topics

Philanthropic trending topics are as common as a bird that flies backwards. Youtube’s feed is starved of global needs. The latest sneak-peak releases get more hits than kids eating feces. Babies sucking lemons more views that US drone strikes in Yemen.

Don’t get me started on the gamers. The pre-pubescent teens that live in a world of pixelated death, uploading live feeds that draw millions of bated breath as pulses pound for who will die next.

Yes! We live in a world where humanitarian disasters are sidelined by “will an iPhone or Galaxy die faster in boiling water.”

I’m not here to spoil the boil. I just want  depth in the trending topic list we create. Maybe then teens will tap screens and become aware of more than the Kardashian’s latest affairs, Donald Trump’s hair, what not to wear, how not to care.  We have the power to click what’s trending, yet we live in a realm of pretending that the 1st world race has no 3rd place.  Senseless consuming feeds what teens are exposed to. Our fingertips hold the power to skew whats viewed and bend the trends to lend themselves to humanity.

Just maybe if global plights populate social sites, teens will click. Ears will prick. Compassion will stick.

Awareness inspires change, so lets fill feeds with something worth digesting.