Creating Freedom

Linear sight.

Cornered. Boxed in white.

Right angles imprison. Craving obtuse. Jaded pursuits.

No angle feels right when sight is skewed by a prototype. Nature and Nurture coerce future.

Image outranking what’s envisaged.

Bare walls begin to beckon.

Bleach flushed with minds brush.

Imagination unleashed. Inspiration beseeched.

White box converted. Corner post deserted.

4 walls spring doors. Creativity enlisted, nobs twisted. Box resisted. Liberty insisted.

When blank is the backdrop, there’s more room to paint.


Dressing for me

In New York, I’m a hipster, styled to impress

The soul of San Diego’s, fashions freedom in dress

Mismatched  patterns, sheik but true

Eclectically honest, no mirrored preview

The freedom to dress, without thought for thread’s worth

Gems hung for peace, wears dug from the earth

Cosmetics deserted, brought without reason

No concealer for flaws, beauty seen without treason

Clothes donned in comfort, style comes second

West coast gifts my soul with an outward expression

New York you are home, yet I feel pressed to conform

Eyes judge my passing,  worth what I adorn



A holiday dedicated to peace. A lifestyle cleanse. San Diego, you have reinvigorated dreams, inspired art and prompted change.

California, you are my second home.


Living Stopped by Ticking Clock

Waiting room…. where life is bound. Heart beats mock the tocking sound.

Dr. Death… behind white doors! Attuned to solemn namely calls.

Waiting ….life’s clock chimes in  tick and tocks. Sitting poised, Glock 40’s cocked. Chasing time while livings stopped. In comes Doc to set life’s clock.

Answer??? “No…not today.” Dr. says “Your fights not grave.” Arrrgh it’s breath not death! You live to wait another day.

Annoyed…Time grieving what was never lost.…”not today” you tell your clock.

Life spent waiting to live. Living spent reflecting on life. When do we start feeling alive?
 Image- The Clock Ticks Life Away by iCasseith
Image- The Clock Ticks Life Away by iCasseith

Are you a Dream or a Nightmare?

The possibilities are endless amongst dreams.

Awakened amid slumbers. The world is limitless when journeyed under covers. Uninhibited imaginings! Uncontrolled delusions! Suddenly, the blue fades to grey, as clouds become the feature not the addendum.The blossoms decompose to mulch, as birds chime’s begin to crow. It is amongst the twisted bed sheets that heaven and hell greet each other. A dream darts between the realms without consideration of the dreamer.


Accountability for a Soulless Classroom

The arts require intellect, yet it’s absent on your tests

A graphite stroke, confirmed a joke, by the dollars you invest

Multiple choice mutes the voice and restricts a seeking mind

When theatre has no place in schools, outcomes will decline

A dream plays second fiddle to the “rounding” of a child

Kid’s worth, is in a value, yet dreams don’t make their file

A boy is deemed as gifted, assumptions from a score

Yet, care is void for content prescribed in Common Core

His train of thought is never taught, so why would he engage

He yearns for ovations while standing center stage

Since birth the boy was dancing, while being bottle-fed

His tippy toes, were tapping shows before, he’d found his tread

Music brought a smile, when screams were all he knew

Daddy finds his mother’s face, and paints it black and blue

Headphones in, he danced from grim, fleeing homely hell

A grieving face is what’s embraced, without savior from the bell

His life’s in reach, yet teachers preach, no content to his dream

No person to simply question, “What would you like to be?”

The boy’s been patiently waiting for the question beings asked…

“I want to bow in ballet shoes, the lead in Swan Lakes cast

I want the chance, for toes to dance in perfect pointed form

I want the world to realize I won’t settle for the norm

I want my mind to fall in line with pirouette precision

I want a place to dance, when dad gets out prison

You say my mind is gifted, yet this box is in its wrapping

Bound in twine, the card your rhyme, no time for toes now tapping

You say I could be anything, yet I want nothing on your list

You want extension in the classroom, yet I seek it in my wrist”

Take the time to see his mind is absent in your day

Curriculums equate to hate, in light of the Ballet

During high school, education for me, was something that occurred through exposure, not through seeking. Its value was in team sports, arts programs and writing. I was rarely curious or captivated by curriculums, resulting in the Common Core devaluing my individuality. We wonder why standards are consistently declining? Last time I checked, children are being told what to learn, how to learn, and when to learn. That’s what we call a dictatorship right?

The motivation for this poem was unearthed when scrolling the enchanting abyss of recommended bloggers. I was unprepared for what awaited when clicking on We Don’t Need No Thought Control. The blog mandated reflection, giving me no option but to grab my laptop and start tapping away at realism. Are there more people who feel standardization, No Child Left Behind and the Common Core are contributing to our intellectual demise? Is the end result America compromising its leading role amongst the global stage?

I understand content will always be contentious and I agree that specific learning objectives should be in place. We all need to learn the basics right?  To understand simple math, while being able to express ourselves adequately through writing? Addition, subtraction, grammar and organization have a place in the minds of all children. How we learn however, is where my inner monster rears its head to say STOP! If a child loves music, teach them how to read through a crescendo of lyrics. If a child enjoys being active, provide content on distance, measurement and percentages in relation to their specific physical accomplishments. When to learn disturbs another sleeping beast. Research keeps presenting to us optimum learning times are dependent on age, yet we continue to take onboard a generic timeframe from kindergarten through to senior year.

Don’t get me started on learning styles and boys vs. girls. Visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic are all ways in which we can optimize content absorption. Learning is nothing without practicality. Why learn content if it is not going to be utilized after a multiple-choice test has confirmed retention? No Child Left Behind cuffs kids to their peers through comparisons, shackling them to their expected grade until graduation. When hatted and gowned, the cuffs are unlocked, yet these teenagers are not equipped for the freedom they face, as freedom has been absent for the majority of their lives.

Schools are becoming glorified babysitters, not because teachers are failing, but because standardization is holding teachers accountable for a soulless classroom. Let’s ask our kids “What would you like to be when you grow up?” Chances are they will be readied with an answer that is overdue for pursuit.

We wonder why mental health issues are on the rise. We are devaluing our own children’s identities by stripping them of individuality and choice within the education system. When we fail to recognize a child’s dream, we fail to provide avenues for individual expression within academics.  The next generation will only see value in values. The number of likes, shares, friends, snaps and comments will be the trade underpinning self-confidence. A digit should not define a child’s worth. We don’t learn in a standardized manner, so why teach to one?