Kernel Remains

Eyes glued to screens. Fingers fastened to keys. Characters are not novel, just 140 long.

Nightly news! Death’s script flung from monotone lips. The hour skit a regurgitation of third world shit. First world filter cleans so we can swallow. Popcorn that is…

Crunch! Buttered morsels dissolve. Fingers greased with privilege.

Eat, tweet, repeat. Screens smeared with #FML.

Popcorn spilled as drones kill. Kernelled remains. Full bloom unreachable.

First world unteachable.

Eat, tweet, repeat… #2ndBag. Bodies that is…

Worded bullets fired. Bullseye


13 thoughts on “Kernel Remains

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    1. Thank you so much. I believe poetry should be for everyone, and rhythm and melody affects us all. I want my poems to be simple, concise and accessible to the masses, evoking feeling not bewilderment.


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