Are we so different?

When beauty holds the wallet, when bloodline is the bank.

When a family tree and pedigree is whom you have to thank.

I wonder what you’re thinking, as you spy my flash of red.

Are you judging my attendance in a world of thoroughbreds?

I’m not here to spread my shabbiness, or infect your scene with flare.

I have no malice in my heart, there’s no envy of your wear.

I’m here because your sidewalk is pot hole free and smooth.

Your taxes pave the  way for a skateboarder to cruise

Headphones in, I cast my grin towards your pristine self.

Your case is one of splendor, where my spirit is top shelf.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4_Fotor

Park Av is your runway. You look me up and down, eyes licked with black. You toss your hair-spray fortified blond locks as your “clickity clacking” heals accelerate.

Are you fearful of catching the plague? Zeka? Freedom? I skateboard by, hair an untamed flash of red.

I smile, you scowl.

Are we so different?

We both suckled, crawled and shat ourselves as diapers hugged our bum. We both screamed out at night for our mothers, you from your Upper East Side designer cradle, me from my coastal village dwelling, 2nd hand crib. We laughed at peekaboo and lost at Uno. We were Tic Tac Toe champions and always chose the dog in Monopoly.

Now, your Chanel handbag is my backpack.Your charity auction is my thrift shop

You know wealth without work. You are part of a scene in which bloodline is the ultimate currency. Central park is your backyard. My childhood home backed onto a small quadrant of grass, mango tree, clothesline and passion fruit vine. You have a driver. I have Uber and a Metro Card.

We are now in our late twenties and play peekaboo with strangers children. We will fall in and out of love, each in our own worlds. We will both get wrinkles, curse the mirror, deny hunger, resent our status. You in your world, me in mine.

You strut in heals, I stroll in Converse.We tread the same pavement, yet we will never walk in each other’s shoes.  I see you scowl in my direction, yet your daggers don’t cut me.  I am not deprived of anything. I smile because the climb is half the fun.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.09.04 PM


16 thoughts on “Are we so different?

  1. This is such an incredible read. So profound, and so accurate. Yeah we all start off the same way and in the end get wrinkly and old.

    No matter what country you go to, there always seems to be “statuses” and “labelling”. I wish it was not so. This post addresses it in such a powerful way.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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