Strengthened by Darkness

When the weather drenches mind and somber greets my day

When the daylight doesn’t ease the deluge doused by rain

When the mirror stands as foe and a glance becomes a stare

When the daemons in my closet, venture from their lair

When the sunshine is eclipsed by the darkness of the night

When color casts its rays, yet no beauty laces light

When hours turn to days and my week is cloaked in fear

Is this a passing shower or the tempest of my year?


It never lingers long, but just enough to scare

The memories of hollow are a scar I wish to bear

I can’t revel in the highs without a wallow in the lows

By dwelling in the darkness, my fire only grows

I’ve risen from the gloom, yet it’s never fled my mind

Life shines a little brighter, as I cherish passing time





The raindrops drench my tapping toes and puddles greet my dance

The rainbow ends the storm and I seize onto light’s chance

I marvel in the mirror and smile at my shell

I’ve grappled with the daemons and have risen from minds hell

There’s certainty in happiness and subtitles in light

My gloves are laced with gratitude, as I’m ready for life’s fight









Image 1: The Silence before the storm by Nameless

Image 2: The storm by Deadlow Design

Image 3: Me by Mind to Unbind


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