Mind’s Master

How do I keep it? That feeling! That moment! That emotion! The instant when….

The chuckles turn to giggles and the belly laugh begins

The elation doused as sweetly sweat is dripping at the gym

The bliss bestowed by card unknown attatched to a bouquet

The cheer that puppeteers our grin when watching children play

The merry mind when music chimes to redirect our mood

The chipper crunch when morsels munched are a favorite food

I want to hold on tight to the light that comes and goes

To be master of a mind that can rouse ten tapping toes

Image: Cheer Up by Skia

13 thoughts on “Mind’s Master

  1. R. Evan Lawson

    Lovely! I like the vivid images of simple pleasures and the joy they bring; but, at the same time, you bring in just the right touch of melancholy to show the longing for more sustainable joy. Well done!


  2. C’est si bien dit…. 😉
    Il est des joies qui s’évanouissent comme un doux parfum et qui, comme certaines étoiles qui disparaissent dans la nuit, laissent après elles une longue trace lumineuse source d’énergie…


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