My head needs clouds

To live for dreams or reality? Life is easier when my head is wandering in the clouds of endless possibility. I walk past the homeless numb to their affliction. I listen to the radio, songs a happy melody scheduled between the hourly news I seem to be deaf to.

My dreams are fun. My reality is painful. Actually, my reality is one of ease, yet I feel the reality of society leach into my soul.

I feel. I hear. I watch. I seek. I wonder. This makes my reality uncomfortable.

My teardrops pool, grieving a toddlers loss of purity, stripped by a drunken uncle. My heart quickens with the child’s, paralyzed with fear as drones hum impending doom. My voice breaks with the hearts of orphans forced to find their place in the world without parents. I buckle in admiration for the little girls who transform into strong men. I grieve for those little girls who dream of change yet feel trapped by societies expectations.

There are days when I need to cloud myself to escape the pain of others. To clear my mind, so tomorrow, I can lace my gloves with words that fight the evil’s of humanity.

It’s a cheerful day when life’s mislaid. My head’s  amongst the clouds

The hum below is evils show. I soar above the crowds

Timely sin, won’t strip my grin, when ears are cuffed by white

I breath amongst the puff filled sky, to float above your fight

Soon you’ll see, the fight in me, but I need this time to rest

Soon I’ll bleed and write to free. Humanity my quest


Image: By ii2eaper, I bleed Colors

R. E Williams, 2016


19 thoughts on “My head needs clouds

  1. Very evocative poem. I feel your pain at others’ pain, your desire to escape into clouds of fantasy to avoid it. But the gift of empathy you have is a wonderful thing, if only more people had it the world would be a better place. Unlike you, I’m obsessed with the news, but being bombarded with tragedy and violence all day dulls my senses creating fear rather than empathy. It’s only the occasional human interest report that really gets to me cutting through the fog. But escaping into fantasy is not an option for me as it has led to madness and great darkness before in my life.

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  2. Hi,
    I’m Janice. I met you on Jason’s site. Thank you for liking my comment. I love your graphics. Engaging, innovative. I love your header graphic especially, the mood. I am trying to work on my blog photography. I just blogged about the Snapseed photo-editing app.


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