Mustering Dreams

I’m the star that you stare at and tell to all your dreams

I’m the whisper of self-confidence that travels through the breeze

I’m the self talking prophecy, singing you’ll be okay

I’m the silent wish whispered, for bad dreams to go away

I’m the helping hand that lifts, when a tumble steals your stride

I’m the confidence you find, to be the master of your pride

I’m the butterflies that swarm, when life begins to weigh

I’m the flutter in their wings, that pushes  through the pain

I’m that glimmer in the darkness that brings you to the light

I’m the hands that lace the gloves, so you’re ready for the fight

I’m the arm that wipes the sweat and lifts for the next blow

I’m the fuel for dreams pursued and the dirt for roots to grow

My name is hope. My name is chance. My name is clutched for dreams

You can find me in your heart, for the strength to swim upstream

Design by Humans

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