It’s gone. My safety net. My confidant. My friend amongst solitude.

I wait for your chime, yet you are now in the clutches of some stranger. They are undeserving of your interruptions. I hated you, yet now I long for you. You are a portal to friends. My social network. My educator. My playmate. You were stolen from me in a moment of weakness. Alcohol fueled your departure. I am angry. Embarrassed. Detached from ….

I call, you decline

I search, your offline

I feel, all alone

I’m lost, no phone

I hate, my craving

I should, start saving

the phone booth by be-at
The Phone Booth by Be-at

8 thoughts on “Detached

  1. Yes… it’s strange how feelings are dumbed down to nothing during a typical day during a three year relationship. I mean, what happened to the longing to hear the persons voice, to get a text and force yourself to wait at least an hour to text back, etc? Just to date someone long enough to hate them?
    But than they leave. Or they catch the eye of some Observant Owl and than suddenly they are rolling around burning up on each other.
    Love is so stupid. I have avoided it for 28/32 years of my life out of complete fear. Do not ever stop being vulnerable or you will end up like me. It is ok for someone else to make bad decisions. Depending on how you handle the bad things out of your control is what defines you as a person.


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