Who’s to Blame?

We are human… Right?

So why the perpetual fight for humanity?

Our reality is insanity in light of insufferable disparity.

A shoeshine for a dime for men who earn thousands. Why are the haggard buffing away refines grime?

See, the middle class become lost somewhere in between poverty and pristine.

We don’t seem to care for the 9-5ivers who feed the homeless and the wealthy.

They donate their money for a cause that deserves applause while raising their hands for the societal laws of “we must climb a corporate ladder.” Eyes wide with ambition for the next rung.poverty 1 by myemptybliss

A ladder cemented in the same pavement that house the homeless.

The same cement that bears bare soles and polished “Clickity Clacking” heels.

So who is to blame for the chasm between insufferable life and insufferable wealth?






Wanders bound to pavement streets

Meals sought from passing feet

Bellies filled by cornered cans

Stranger’s waste meet frenzied hands

Image, Hand By Gilead

Daemons fought with manic verse

Chiming cups, quench vein fed thirst

Cravings crawl in ceaseless itch

Life is lived for needled fix

Strangers pass, neglecting life

Hilt in wound, we twist the knife

Tomorrow feared, as winter creeps

Bodies cold, as darkness reaps


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