Under the Puerto Rican Sky

Blanketed by breeze, cushioned by peace. A lullaby is sung by the harmony of seas.

Ocean forms melodies. The crescendo sounds as waves clash with cliffs. Rocks echo the oceans songs. Wrath chimes peace in the Puerto Rican seas.Puerto Rican Nightfall

The wind kisses my cheek. A gentle peck, almost as if a gust of breath was all that caressed. It can’t have been just its breath. Warmth is dancing with the hairs on my flesh. A mere exhale has no reach to my extremities. The wind blows my never-ending goodnight kiss.

A nightlight in the moon. It plays hide and seek with the clouds. “Peekaboo” the nightly game.   Oceans glisten with the moon’s sheen as islands protrude in silhouette.

My slumber beckons. The Puerto Rican night is my bedroom. I will rise with the sun’s silent alarm. Day will break with the waves.


2015-11-29 16.12.46Puerto Rican Seas

Moon’s nightlight my comforter

Goodnight kiss by Breeze


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