My 3 Day Trip

All aboard the night bus calls…

My three day excursion to a frail mind. 72 hours of insight into the possibilities of mental decline. I’m suffering a woundless incision. Paralyzed by indecision. Debilitation of mind and body, blood soaked thoughts. My fingers bleed as I plead for the Renae of yesterday. Please…this is a reprimanded illness, the AIDS of mental suffering. I’m muted by fear of persecution. An unmentionable affliction.

The Song Never Written by HFFK
The Song Never Written by HFFK

My jacket, hat and shoes are the same ones adorned when sound, yet I am cloaked in a veneer of mental persecution. I’m knee deep in a grave that I didn’t dig. A mound of earth excavated by nameless daemons coercing death. How deep is deep enough? When will the pile of turned earth be returned to its home? Will every granule find its way home or will soil be eternally displaced by my body?

Who is writing?? This is not my tune. These are not my words. A soiled reality! Feelings that are foreign yet saturate my everything. Who stole my mind?

Who returned it? An overdue gift carded by Anonymous. The unwrapped package

Low Man's Lyric By HFFK
Low Man’s Lyric By HFFK

lays open. Etchings regarding the 3 day mental voyage, a hallmark to my suffering. The pain  a privileged insight. Feelings, a cherished commodity. My tomorrow is empowered by those living with an irrational reality.  Empathy, respect, awe, marvel and compassion laces my art. How do people endure this eternal fight? My 72 hour excursion was the best and worst trip of my life.

I thank the jester who corralled this excursion. You have invigorated my next chapter, inscribing insight into the privilege of mental stability. An ever-teetering state, resting on the precipice of instability. For now, I write for those who are paralyzed by a mind. May you be free again. I write in hope that the earth underfoot is not grave. The ground is not a testament to your fight. It takes courage to arm yourself for the battle. It takes an army to win minds fight. Soldiers can be friends or strangers. Society….Enlist

Words You Rather Left Unsaid by Crazygrin
Words You Rather Left Unsaid by Crazygrin

My wired woes come and go

Demons scheming mental blows

I bleed in words, in pain I grow

This day’s ache is next month’s show


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