She speaks to us when we drink

My ears pricked with nature’s melody.

Ocean licks Rock. A twice a day tasting. Algae has been growing suspicious of Ocean’s arrivals. Lately, it has been a toxic dance. Waltz now Jibes.  I wonder if Ocean understands its tidal surge? See… Algae gifts Ocean’s drinkers with breathability. Inhabitants saturate in oxygen. Yet, Algae has an unrequited love in Ocean. Communalism turned parasitic. Ocean deposits a film of suffocation, cloaking Algae in humanities excretion. Ocean and Algae continue their dance of give and take. With each day, the takes forsake gifts a little more.

The Tree….Oh the Tree’s. Rooted in fickle permanence. Highway traffic’s expiration. Chainsaw massacre. Tree pleads in splintered fracture. Yet… waste is never wasteful when winter’s wrath can be warmed by Tree’s ringed girth. Right? The aged beauties find themselves scattered… in chips, logs, furniture. Chiseled to please. Inevitably, Tree’s final hour is heard in flickered gasps. The fireplace crypts crackles of self-cremation. The air of kindred souls fueling fire. Ravenous in deaths consumption. A blackened passing pitted in the homes they once shaded.

Must we forget the drips. The stream of Tundra’s tears, feeding an ocean distended by warmth. The global kind! The irreversible tide.

If we listen closely, we may find ourselves deafened with despair. Her tears drip into our laps. Her audible exhaustion carols melodies of humanities folly.

Listen closely. She speaks to us when we drink.

Forest Dew
Forest Dew

Please share your thoughts. I am experimenting with different writing styles and would love your feedback on what works and what chimes disinterest. I have words to say, I want society to be enthralled and then imprinted. I need your help in finding pitch!


4 thoughts on “She speaks to us when we drink

  1. wwwpalfitness

    It was good, it was different. Being you mentioned drinks, you could have made that seem more about alcohol with imagery or metaphors. I guess you haven’t changed your clock to NY?


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