Am I a Ma’am?

“Thank you Ma’am…”

When people call me “Ma’am,” I perform a searching pirouette to make sure they’re actually addressing me. It breaks my heart when the teenage cashier offers up an un-assumed status. Am I that old?

Ma’am is my mother.

Ma’am is the lady strolling down the street with three leashed Corgi’s obediently licking her polished heels. Ma’am is my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Barnes, who scolded disrespect like’s we’d just committed Larceny. Ma’am is the politician demanding your regard, even when their policy imprints utter abhorrence.

Ma’am is not me…is it? The high-bun donning, odd sock wearing, tie die spattered, Australian.

I feel like a fraud. An impostor in my 26-year-old shell. Take those words back would you? You now have me questioning my age and allotment in life’s monarchy. Thanks alot Sam. You curly haired, once friendly faced, CVS employee. It’s not like I was buying Menopause medication or reading glasses. I was purchasing Club Soda!!

My mind is running around life’s playground like a pre-pubescent teen, while real teens are commenting surreptitiously on our age gap. I’m wearing this adult veneer in trickery.  A mascarade of maturity is only assembled in hope that my not so subtile messages capture societies’ soul.

Am I really a Ma’am? You be the Judge.


23 thoughts on “Am I a Ma’am?

    1. Thank you so much. I noticed in the criteria that you have to have less than 200 followers! As of this week I have ticked over that number. Your support has been amazing and your vision is inspiring. I hope that you achieve all your goals

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      1. wwwpalfitness

        I am about to tip 200 probably today. However there are a lot of non existent people. If I unfollow them it drops the number. If you have any people that haven’t posted in months just unfollow them for now. I went through 150 people to find 10 that are active and posted today. I have 5 people that have had their accounts blocked. I am probably going to unfollow inactive people as I like to see everyone that is writing. Your posts are great to follow. So sneak that Liebster in shh I won’t tell. That was my second one of the same color. But seriously if you go through whom you are following and see that they are inactive let them go for a bit. I think I can unfollow 25 if I had to guess.


      2. wwwpalfitness

        As far as your post I on several occasions throughout have had things like this happen. When in HS I looked older so I could get alcohol. I used to go to my mom’s job and people thought we were dating. My younger of 2 sisters is 10 years younger and she always was asked how much older she is than me, lol.

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      1. Middle-age (which, I think, is when “ma’am” is technically legal) ain’t what it used to be, though. A new survey of 2,000 Britons found that 68 is the true age at which middle age ends and “old age” begins, It used to be 20 years earlier. And, we’re all a lot more healthy. So by that magical logic, we hit our primes earlier and stay there longer. The onset of middle age (before which the smart aleck junior flips are just trying to get you mad; treat them with the patronizing scorn they deserve), is probably somewhere in our 50’s, depending on whether we smoked or not.

        So, from those of us who’ve staggered past that mark already, don’t sweat the small stuff too much; that leads to wrinkles. You’ve got 2-3 decades to go yet before you fall apart. 🙂


  1. You’re Ma’am material, deal with it! 😉😂 at least he didn’t call you maaaayyyttte.

    Question: if he called you something else, I dunno, like age appropriate, something that kids his age use like bae or something…. How would you feel?

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