Can I be your Window?

Would you see through me if I were made of glass?

Or would you shatter my clear veneer, splintering any chance of a window paned existence?

Would you let me sit…fracturing…refracting…deflecting our world?

The eternal light bender.

Please let me be your window. Don’t break me before I am lodged in that west facing panel of your home.

The sunset’s portal?

I can be the worldly explorer framing life.

I will take the brunt of societies wrath.

I will filter you images distorted by fraction and reflection.

Polished beauty.

A picture paned existence slightly more bearable than unfiltered reality.

Honesty will be mounted, scaffolding your allotment.

Glass stained with societies dye.

Can I be your window?

I would love to dwell beside the photo frames that paint your picture perfect life.

A window for your soul?

Image: Window to Your Soul by Karezoid
Image: Window to Your Soul  by Karezoid

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