When there’s Nothing

I need to write. My fingers are twitching. Each muscle readied with grit. Each digit yearns to give value to the games racketeering in my head. All ten pawns poised to play. My thumb is the favored big hitter for finding the gaps between words in timely fashion.  My right ring finger loves that swift reach, grounding finality in a full stop.    A victory see’s all fingers seamlessly touching base with the thoughts that appose my sanity. Let’s Play. 

Today, is just one of those days….there’s a weird drone to the movements. My thumb sluggishly chimes in to ensure I don’t overrun, while the period plays the field less frequently. It is with a fainthearted fondle that this sentences finality is signaled.  Bases are loaded. My mind is brooding with anticipation for what this pitch may yield. Annnnnnddddddd.

There is nothing…Cricket pitch silence? ….Nope…just crickets.

Cheering crowds? No…just crowded.

Worded wit?.. Nope…finding wits end.

When the mind gives you crickets, play ball. Failure is not in the defeat. Failure is in the silence. Play with me? 

Image Cute Cricket’s By Emla

10 thoughts on “When there’s Nothing

      1. They play really well,
        I would join in if I knew the song
        but I am content to hum along,
        the nights get dark but out comes the sun shining on my face
        And everything feels right
        And the crickets, they keep playing

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