Write or Recite?

Why do I write? Why do I hit publish? Words are therapy, escape, hope, enlightenment and a chance taken.

When I speak, it is often to an audience cuffing ears to uphold denials habit’s. Can articulated art paint impressions on a crowd deafened by society?   Time will tell as  I gain gusto in my pursuits of shining love on the oppressed and light on the oppressors. For now, I write then hit submit. A release of words to an enlightened host cyclically navigating the stages of change. When cherished etchings are uttered, their worth can only touch those standing amongst my gaze. I write, and the wind blows across nations providing an audience far more expansive and diverse than any hustling swarm. A game of chance. Will this post reach its destination quickly or will it tinker around in the cyber clouds, sprinkling but never really making an impact on a quenched world. Will this submission be a drop that is sought after? Will it lead drinkers to an oasis of art?  Thank you for your eyes. Thank your for your minds. I can only hope that my etchings find their way to your hearts.

My mind is the pallet, words are the brush and society is my canvas. Paint with me?

Word Map Acrylic by Somadjinn
Word Map Acrylic by Somadjinn

11 thoughts on “Write or Recite?

  1. lyneabickish

    “My mind is the pallet, words are the brush and society is my canvas. Paint with me?”
    I just wanted to say that I really liked how you put that. Awesome. I love painting pictures with words! From one writer to another… thanks for the great imagery.

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  2. Soon I will write a new poem. I will take a recent hill-walk and use it convey my feelings on a personal subject. I craft words for page publication and public performance in the hope that the work, though personal, will have meaning for many. This is why I write.

    My very best wishes,


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