I just don’t feel like you today. Is that ok?

I smile, because you’re suppose to

I wave because it’s polite

I don’t want to… but I do. I do to uphold the perception of normal. Acceptable, sociable, likeable?

Do I feel…..nothing?

I blink….no tears.

I slam….no anger.

I hurt….no pain.

I am not numb!!! I see a squirrel dance across the fallen leaves as if playing a game of Autumn hopscotch within colored margins. I smile… a real one. I giggle… a girlish one… I stare…I see joy in its prance, life in its pursuit, trickery in its mind. I am not numb…I just don’t feel like you today. Is that ok?

Autumn Reflection Image by Aphariel
Autumn Reflection
Image by Aphariel

10 thoughts on “I just don’t feel like you today. Is that ok?

  1. I love your space that you have created and this poem explains me some days and I love that you feel different than others and voice it! Many people do not feel comfortable actually saying that that they do not FEEL something sometimes. Or that they have no particular emotion or response to something. Moreover, that they do not have the same response that another has to a particular stimuli and that’s great you do not feel the need to conform!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond so deeply. I feel that conformity prevents creativity. When we conform our outfits, thats one thing, but when we conform our emotions, life becomes lived within a threshold of comfort. The extremes of happiness and the depths of sorrow are never really explored, relished or reflected upon. Your comment means a lot. Thank you for exploring with such openness and passion.

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      1. You are most welcome! I appreciate those who can fully express themselves and not feel as if they have to be part of a machine or norm! We much try to use all of our senses and sometimes that may mean going against what others may think is normal. I live by the motto that weird people make the world go round. Being uniquely you #teamweird (not many of us think we want to look in someone’s rear or mouth everyday when we are young yet that’s exactly what dentists and proctologists do and make good money doing so) yet no one particularly thinks they are weird but that isn’t exactly a normal job is it? SO I say to you again…weird people make the world go round! LOL 🙂

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