I Hear Drones Daddy….click

Tipity tap hits caboom, clickity clack chimes dadoom.

Drones ahead, as blood is shed from the comfort of a room.

A faceless death as screams protest the screens deployed to shoot.

Bombs are dropped from countertops, codings kill with each compute.

Innocence counted, considered… click, click, boom…expended

Land valued, prized…click, click, boom… acquired

Men feared, abhorred, click, click, boom… eradicated

Communities harboring, concealing… click, click, boom…flattened

Children playing…click, click, boom

Mothers nursing…click, click, boom

Nurses healing…click, click, boom

Kids explore the skies as terror finds their eyes.

Ears pricked with fear for the hum to their demise.

When death is just a number, grief becomes a thought.

When pixels point the trigger, killing fashions sport.

Gamers consults pardon crimes, as remotes inspire death.

Triggers pulled in cushion seats, as players hold their breath.

Drones a humming…click click. Death is coming…click click. Children running…click click.

Screens enthralling… click click. Parents calling…click click. Orders falling…click click


Indiscriminate Violence Photograph by Terence Bunch
Photograph by Terence Bunch

11 thoughts on “I Hear Drones Daddy….click

  1. Please excuse my language but..
    Fuck! This is good! So so insightful, empathetic, and the way it built to the chaotic end. Outstanding.
    Have you listened to a song by Tool, Vicarious it’s called. This has given me the same effect. Thankyou.


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