Casualty of Attraction

I’m on tinder, I’m on Brenda, I’m a serial offender

I swipe it right, for a night, but a text I’ll ill never sender her

My index plays the game too quick, for my mind to read a word

Finger right in digit slip for “pair pursuing submissive third”

A Doms not wrong, but it’s not my song, yet neither is this game

Will I spy with my little eye a lover in phones frame?

Am I just one flicking scroll away from a perfect match?

Or do I fish with un-baited hooks, preventing my perfect catch

Let me move from media, to tangible flesh and bone

Meets ups found in person not from entrapment on a phone

Hmmm… with words I can be witty, yet improves not my calling

Just give me time to bust a rhyme and my presence is enthralling

In coffee’s line I fail to find the perfect worded brew

Phone no frame for gorgeous dame, her post at end of que

Hearts aflutter, yielding stutter, small talks void within transaction

Tongue tied tattles, a voice that rattles, casualty of attraction

Lips tripping over pleasantries, hands fondling to find a tip

Distress is in the brew as I take that beauties sip

My heart resides in cups confides, swirling with my spoon

Dame not game for my name with fumbles found in swoon

Did she rate me, did she care, did she feel my fear?

Does she know my fluttered heart was beating tunes of queer?

Photo series by FirstAlternate
  Photo series by FirstAlternate

Did love get easier or harder to find in this digital age??


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