Mrs. Insignificant: The Uninspired Teacher

Time seems to have decomposed the vitality in her methods. Mark the roll. Twenty minutes fade away into O’Sullivan, Smith, Sommers, and finally, Williams…. Attendance of non-attendance. A movie! 1.5 hours of reprieve from obligation. Not my reprieve. Mrs. Insignificant’s. Sitting with purposeless promise. A vow to teach. A pledge to motivate. An endeavor with the best of intentions. Intention without invigoration however, is fruitless. Mrs. Insignificant, the teacher who reaps away time from young minds to bolster her own inadequacies. Upon reread, that synopsis seems a little harsh. Her fire may have been smothered by the system or dampened by perpetually unenthused students. Maybe it is the over worked, under paid, over tired, underlaid collaboration. Whatever the reason, her engagement is largely out of my control.

Am I just unlucky in the lottery of education? Will this un-fortuitous stint affect my future? Only if I let it…. Mrs. Insignificant may just be the stimulus for perseverance executed with the utmost wit and tenacity. Time will tell…the significance is in reflection.


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