Social Responsibility

The game in a frame we shamefully play

A touch up via matte masks what we portray

Let’s sharpen, play pixels, a lie to the site

Let’s contrast, then crop, to bolster a night

“Checking in” at a café, checking out of the scene

Refreshments arrive while your refreshing a screen

“OMFG, did you happen to see?

Bec got fucked over, I’m glad that ain’t me?”

Bec tweets her deceit, and bares underwear

She post he came close, but  more she won’t share

The depiction he sends, does not have discretion

Snap chat to “friends”, screen shot for possession

Captioned with lies to captures times truth

Just being, just seeing, not enough for our youth

Abolish a Blemish through the tap of a button

We’re posing as lambs, no time for a mutton

A freckle not sin to be filtered away

Scars not an evil up for eviction by gray

Posts teach our teens that perfection is life

Insecurities then corrected by enlisting a knife

Let’s tweet what we eat, share to show care

While we post on a host in a provocative stare

Addictions of fingers entertains our obsession

A “like for a like” chimes societies regression

Are you the one sharing with the goal of a like?

Or re-tweeting kids starving, a news feed your mike?

Let’s cure cancer with a touch of the mouse

Or swipe to fight AIDS while building orphans a house

Meanwhile that to go bag’s dismissed, as we turn to friends laughing

Yet outside comforts doors a vagrant begs, starving

That take away parcel could change hungers rage

A morsel of kindness, void of a twittering stage

Let’s beat what we tweet, let’s bare what we share

Let’s boast in a post we donated time spare

Societies conflictions should be our obsession

A like for a spike in inequities suppression

Donate the shoes that are void of your wear

Give the time of day not your media share

Dusty items in closets, gifts from a past lover

Are threaded with shelter, and zippered with covers

It’s not what we say that makes who we are

It’s not what we share that brings nations on par

Yet, It is what we do, what we aid and give action

Is your #hashtag uploaded to bolster ones own attraction?

20150304_155500_resized (1)

Am I a hypocrite if I ask you to reblog, share or like? Circulation for the sake of education? Hmmmm… food for thought. Until next time, assemble with me armed with words.


9 thoughts on “Social Responsibility

  1. No you’re not a hypocrite for wanting this shared. You’re asking us to share you thoughts on social responsibility and compassion for our fellow beings. It’s not like you’re sitting at a 1000 dollar a plate dinner complaining into your Creme Brulee about “parasites” on disability.

    Someone once told me that everyone sometimes lapses into hypocrisy but the true hypocrite doesn’t notice and doesn’t care.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment so thoughtfully. Your last sentence is a beauty. Also, thank you for taking a look through my blog. I have had a glance at yours and will be back when I have the time to appreciate fully what I saw at a peep.


  2. Sorry for posting here but I didn’t know how else to contact you. I was looking for an old piece of yours where you mention the old pudgy fat pricks who think they still got it, chatting up waitresses etc. Do you remember?


    1. I have had a bit of a look through and I am not quite sure. It may be “Gentlemen like praise for ladylike ways.” It is a great topic, I may have another go at writing a piece on it. Thanks for the inspiration.


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