Rage is contortion of mind and body. It often engulfs its victim without warning, debilitating any aptitude for pleasantries. Rage is the pleasantry enemy! A beastly entity who persecutes the flimsy emotions of melancholy, despondency, frustration and sadness with its domination. Rage harnesses each mediocre sensation to produce a totalitarian feeling that leaves no room for any other. Rage is a dictator. When this tyrant expires, it leaves victims wallowing amongst regret.

I got a Parking Ticket this morning. Rage got me!

What does your rage monster look like? Does it have a foe?


Image by Matt Barley at www.deviantart.com


4 thoughts on “Rage

    1. Thank you for such a beautiful comment. My rage tends to consume only myself. If its head rears for the rest of the worlds eyes, it is a truly rare moment. Emotion is a gift, whatever form it comes in. Your words are lovely.


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