Suckling on Mother Natures Permanence

Kindness caressing as warmth on your face

Breeze bound in breaths endorsing her grace

Humor in sun showers minus a warning

Comfort in caves affording shelter till morning

Her forgiveness in spectrums acquitting the thunder

Fierceness piercing in the breaking of tundra

Compassion cocooned in the nesting of young

Her fable in chimes, not spoken but sung

Her anger, storms wrath, splitting the ear

Fight in the lightning, landing to seer

Her life is a fixture in the rings of trees

Soul on display when spring ends the freeze

Her growth and decay yields the cycle of seasons

Bounty in fruits, she’s the endless artesian

The curator of life, the shelter and breast

A world that suckles puts her permanence to test

20150926_173538 20141116_071622


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