Solitary Wakening

It is on my own that comfort is found in thoughts.

It is in a crowd that thoughts are sought to comfort.

There is no missing link when there is only one…

Comfort is found in thoughts, yet sought in transgressions
Comfort is found not bought, yet we’re taught it’s possessions
Beauty is bound, yet an absentee in reflections
Nurture is the mortar constructing vanities projections

No vacancies for vagrancy, bench consolations prize
Holding signs for pennies as money’s parading by
No confusion in cardboard captions, etchings to survive
Conspicuous consumption mocks the pavements housing lives
Society cements poverty when abodes bear strangers strides
Shopping carts case assets while pillow palms rest eyes

Tinkering with thoughts are contemplations of decline
It’s reflections not projections that compose a fragile mind
Clean cuts cutting while the haggard sing sound chimes
It’s the wealthy found in squalor, snorting every dime
The middle class tweet wealth while the rich parade in crime
Diamonds tarnished, fur for garnish, blood threading times design

Waking wired with words, swindles slumbers reign
Bedside etchings carving for chords that can’t proclaim
Thoughts racing in the darkness; sleep robbed by others pain
Erratic in its racing yet strength riddles this campaign
I equip with worded whit to embark on scripting change

5 thoughts on “Solitary Wakening

  1. I can’t think of a better way to enter the Thanksgiving Day celebrations than to stop for a while to contemplate… maybe even help… those who are trying as hard as they can to survive. I often think – especially at this time of the year of those who are not homeless or destitute but still feel alone and lonely.

    Thank you for saying it so much better than I can.

    Your blog makes me think – that is such a good thing – thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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