The First Bout in the Ring


Last year I was writing. Last month I was writing. Today I am posting. Life at the moment fits like a glove. A glove that isn’t used to protect extremities, but one laced firm for the fight. This is the first bout. Contact will be found through syllables, melodies and blows aimed for a knock out punch against societal injustice.My feet will dance in the ring to entertain you while we embark on this journey together.

I believe an  introduction is in order, as you will, if engrossed in my mind, be privy to both my dreams and awakened hours. My name is Renae, yet being from Australia, my birth name became blasphemed through our debaucherous cultural need to shorten any word with more than one syllable. I now respond to tone and monosyllabic exclamations and approximations, such as Oi, Yo, Nae, You, Riz, Ron, Ren, Red. It is only when overseas, that my full name becomes my calling card. Having lived in New York for just over a year now, I am beginning to miss the crude colloquialisms that are an Australians attempt at the English language.

I have been pondering  the question, who are you,  to me? Along this journey you will become my confidant when feeling like New York has put me in a chokehold. You will be my sounding board when the wrath of the seasons force me to bare more than just the attire befitting the weather. You will be the first I preach to when my wanders become wondrous. You will not have to queue for the diversity that is the Streets, Avenues, metro lines, boroughs and people who make New York my first true love. This city has surpassed my small coastal hometown and become my hearts home. Allow me to share New Yor20141227_153340_resizedk’s ability to foster soul-searching, and then produce those glorious answers that could only ever be found in this playground. In one year I have remodeled my life outlook. I came over here a qualified Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Today I am still a qualified Pediatric Occupational Therapist yet you will only see that title in the Current Credentials portions on my formal Resume. If you were to ask me what I do. I would simply tell you this…

I see the world through the eyes of the improvised. I hear the world through the ears of those who can’t find the words to let the world hear them. I listen not to the sound of news readers or read from the texts of news feeds. I listen to those who rarely get asked the questions. I look at those who rarely receive eyes that are not piercing with cynicism and judgment.

I write what I see in the form my mind and heart think necessary. Writing is powerful, entertaining, enlightening, and beautiful. I harness the power of words and hope that they reach the minds of a world that wants to change.

Every day beauty engulfs us and we should enjoy it. Joy excites us and we should let it be exciting. Happiness is happening and we should harness it. If I succumb to the beauty of a moment I will capture it in my words. If that moment is love, you will feel it. If that moment is vanity, you will see it. If that moment is lust, my art will embody it.

My favored method of writing is poems, lyrics and melodies, which aim to entertain, enthrall and captivate the mind while simultaneously caressing the heart.

 Some days I’m Like…..

That torn dollar bill, it’s feeding rejected when vending

The outcast on media, as fifty shades is trending

I’m that leaf in the wind, that then resides gutter bound

That straw that broke the camels back, buckling to the ground

Others days it’s more like…

That dollar bill was fed, for a greater cause

Those worthy sought the outcast and found hands for an applause

The leafs downward journey was not without its measure

The second hump remained in tact as the camel drank its pleasure

and then I’m like…

The star that never shines brightest, yet is key in constellations

When awards are won, my names not sung but speech’s preach appreciations

I stand in line and pass the time surveying the halted hooves

Tapping toes, impatient blows, create my line bound blues

Thank you for your eyes. I hope my words make their way to your mind and then fall gracefully to your hearts.


One thought on “The First Bout in the Ring

  1. Kyle

    Whymsically inspired, fortuitously beseeching the ignorance that lie dormant in the human condition to the eyes of those who see.
    If love cannot be harbored between man and word an appropriate phrase may perhaps be eloquently smitten, taken in the word wind and no longer in Kansas.


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